Or maybe Daur will have figured it out. Or itll be obvious… Whatever it is, if Gaunt and the taskforce cant do it, how could we hope to?

It wouldnt be the same without you. He was so touched by the sight before him, he felt he might cry. I mean, are you all…? Were all as crazy as you, chief, he smiled. Corbec gripped his meaty paw hard. Were the only takers. I hope well do.

The contents of the warehouse had been evacuated that morning. It had been arranged as the rendezvous point. It was now close to six oclock.

Somewhere, a troop ship was waiting for them. Somewhere, their names were being flagged on the commissariat discipline lists. Corbec moved down the line as the assembled troopers got up to greet him. There was no sign of injury about him, but his arms moved stiffly.

Corbec knew a whole lot of suturing and bandages lay under his black Tanith field jacket. Ready to move out, colonel sir, she signed.