The ground they were covering was ruined by the furious tank fight and stank of fuel and fyce-line. Shells had torn it up, so that the chalky bed rock was ploughed up over the black topsoil in white curds and lumps. It looked to Curth as if the very entrails of the earth had been [...]

To be doing this. Believe that much at least. By force of will, Vamberfeld had focused all the terror and the shakes down into that one extremity. He could breathe again. He was controlling it. Down the track, through the heavy rain, he saw something stir in the darkness. He knew he should reach for [...]

Built as a fortress three hundred years ago, when they knew the art. The invading Chaos Host from off-planet seized it at day one as their main stronghold. The Volpone 50th have spent six weeks trying to crack it, but the bastards we met today show the kind of force theyve been up against. Well [...]

The others, supported by more of the strike force just making it to the platform, caught the remaining Darkwatcher in a crossfire. The thing shrieked and flickered, twisting in the las-hail. Behind them, the remaining elements of Gaunts brigade fought a desperate rearguard at the Zoicans pouring into the command area from all around. Gaunt [...]

The twin cars were packed full of Low-and Mid-Spine citizens. Terrified faces looked out at him silently. Shells walloped into the Commercia behind him. Worlin pulled out his needle pistol and opened fire through the glass. The passengers, trapped like rats in a cage, screamed as they were slaughtered. After a brief hesitation, Worlins bodyguard [...]

He pulled a wad of ration cakes from his pack and went over, dropping them on the floor in front of the group when the mother refused to take them. They went back out into the hallway and Kolea pulled the door back into place. Explaining the real nature of his horror to Gilbear might [...]

Varl sighed as his arm went dead and Caffran strapped it up, tight against the sergeants body. It was a desperate gesture. Without the booster relay of the cells, not only all neural control, but all life support would be cut from the organic parts of Varls repaired arm. He needed proper help, or within [...]

The stabilising gyros whirred as the great, ornate shrieker cannon bucked in his mesh-gloved hands. The accelerator field shimmered around the muzzle base, Uliowye, the Kiss of Sharp Stars. He had perhaps six rods of solid ammunition left; he would make them count. For Lileath, he would make them count. Suddenly, eight humans in drab, [...]

For the Bluebloods, its Ignix Majeure, where they lost after a desperate fight! So strong, so powerful! Why arent I fighting for some great cause in my own life? Why have I been living and breathing Tanith in my waking dreams all this while? Tanith is your cause, no matter if you were born there [...]

As he finished speaking, Captain Daur shrugged, ignoring the murderous look the VPHC commander was giving him. I have no reason to assume that clearance excluded senior echelon Guard officers. He looked back at Tarrian. Outside, a tank grated past down the river of debris that had once been Outhab Transit Street 287/fd. The soldiers [...]